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8 Surprising Benefits of Eating Pomegranate Daily

Pomegranate Seeds Benefits

Undoubtedly, a superfruit, the pomegranate is enriched with a plethora of nutrients which make it extremely healthy. There are innumerable benefits of eating pomegranate daily, and that’s why it should be an integral part of your daily diet.

As it is rich in antioxidants, it is immensely beneficial for the skin and overall health. The pomegranate benefits for skin include reduction of the age spots, premature aging, and the wrinkles.

What Makes Pomegranate Immensely Healthy?

It is among the healthiest fruits which contain an array of beneficial plant compounds capable of boosting our overall well-being and keeping many diseases at bay.

Pomegranate is comprised of hundreds of edible, ruby-like, seeds known as arils. It is, indeed, an amazing fruit that possesses nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, and Folate.

It also possesses two unique plant compounds which are rich in miraculous medicinal properties.


The punicalagin are highly powerful antioxidants found in the peel and the juice of the pomegranate.

This punicalagin are so effective, that pomegranate juice is three times more powerful than green tea and the red wine in the antioxidant content.

Its peel is also used to make the pomegranate powder, which offers the benefits of anti-oxidants.

Punicic Acid

The other vital compound found in this wonder fruit is the Punicic Acid. It is the main fatty acid found in its seeds and is also known as the pomegranate seed oil.

It is a sort of conjugated linoleic acid and is rich in potent biological effects.

The oil derived from the pomegranate seeds is one of the most common ingredients in the cosmetic and beauty products.

Health Benefits of Pomegranates

1. Fight Against Cancer Cells

The pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and many vitamins, which make them extremely effective in counteracting the different types of the cancer radicals.

People facing a higher risk of prostate and breast cancer must start drinking its juice on the regular basis, as it helps in reducing the risk of developing cancer.

Its regular consumption can significantly reduce the PSA levels while helping in fighting against the existing cancer cells in the body.

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2. Protection from Osteoarthritis

Pomegranates are quite effective against the osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis. The damages which are caused due to the hardening and thickening of the arterial walls in the joints and the cartilage can be cured with its regular consumption.

It can also help in preventing the creation of the enzymes which are responsible for breaking down the connective tissues in our body.

3. Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart diseases have become one of the biggest causes of premature deaths. These diseases are very complicated and are driven by various factors.

The pomegranate is rich in Punicic Acid, known for providing protection against the heart diseases. The pomegranate seed oil can significantly reduce the cholesterol and the triglycerides while improving the triglycerides to HDL ratio.

Its juice is also very effective in controlling the Type 2 Diabetes and controlling blood sugar levels.

4. Dental Care

The pomegranate is rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties, and thus, it can provide significant protection against the dental plaque and other oral diseases.

Its juice is known to control the inflammations of the mouth, and help in preventing and treating the conditions like periodontitis, gingivitis and denture stomatitis.

5. Improves the Memory

Polyphenols, which are found in abundance in the pomegranate, can suggestively help in improving the memory and other cognitive functions in the body.

Many studies suggest that the consumption of its juice can improve the visual and verbal memory, and can also fight the Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Maintain the Skin Health

Collagen is the most underlying component of the skin, which ensures that our skin stays elastic, radiant and firm.

The pomegranate is rich in certain compounds which prevent the enzymes from breaking the collagen, and thus, it helps in maintaining the skin health.

Its compounds also help in enhancing the growth of the fibroblasts, the cells which produce fiber and elastin in the skin to keep it supple and smooth.

Also, it stimulates the proliferation of the outer cells of the skin, known as keratinocytes. The increase in the number of these cells boosts the auto-repair mechanism of the skin.

The antioxidant richness of the pomegranates keeps the signs of the aging at bay, and help in reducing the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines.

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7. Improve the Exercise Performance

The pomegranates are a rich source of the dietary nitrates, which can greatly improve the exercise performance.

The regular consumption of this amazing fruit or its juice helps in delaying the onset of the fatigue while increasing the exercise efficiency. This amazing fruit is immensely beneficial in improving the physical performance.

8. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The oxidative damage in the body may impair the blood flow in all the areas of the body, including the erectile tissue.

Its juice is known to be advantageous in increasing the blood flow, along with the erectile response.


Health Benefits of Eating Pomegranate Daily

Side Effects of Eating Pomegranate Seeds

While there are no side effects of having the pomegranate juice or eating its seeds and it is completely safe for consumption.

But, if you are taking any blood pressure medication or have the blood pressure issues, you must check with your doctor that whether you can take the juice or seeds, and if you can take, what the recommended dose is.

But, its juice may cause the dangerous side effects when it interacts with some specific medicines like blood thinners, and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors including Lisinopril, enalapril, and captopril.

When Should You Eat Pomegranate?

Most people prefer to eat this amazing fruit with or before the breakfast as the health experts boast about the benefits of eating pomegranate in morning, but, very few people know that it is also one of the best fruits to eat at night.

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Most of us consider the pomegranate seeds as the coarse and difficult to eat, and that’s why prefer its juice. However, not just its juice, but you must eat the seeds as well, as, the pomegranate seeds benefits will completely stun you.

So, if is is not one of the fruits which you eat daily, then you must consider making a part of your diet as it offers an unmatched array of skin and health benefits, which you might not get from any other fruit.

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