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9 Benefits Of Consuming Lime Juice During Pregnancy For Mother And Baby

Health Benefits Of Lime Juice For Pregnant Women

While pregnant, women crave for a lot of food and one of the most common cravings is for lemon or lime juice. But, most women become a little apprehensive at this time and wonder whether it is safe to consume lime juice during pregnancy.

Well, it’s not just safe, but is extremely beneficial as well. There are several health benefits of lime juice for pregnant women and that’s why one should not hesitate from having lime juice during this phase of their life.

When pregnant, every woman becomes very cautious about what they are eating and what they should avoid to ensure that nothing at they eat harms the baby directly or indirectly. One of the common dilemmas faced by pregnant women is related to lemon or lime juice during early pregnancy as well as its later phases.

Like many other healthy fruits, lime is also an astounding source of nutrients and owing to its unique composition, it offers an array of health benefits. But many women get worried about the side effect of lemon on pregnancy.

If you are also craving limes during pregnancy, you can have it without any second thought. It’s not harmful to your baby and can bestow a wide range of health benefits, but, avoid taking it in excess. Don’t take lime juice too many times in a day to ensure that it does not affect your health in any adverse manner.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Lime Juice For Pregnant Women?

Medical practitioners and health experts believe that lime juice is completely safe during pregnancy and no side effects of consuming it have been reported so far.

Not just lemon or lime juice, but, you can consume it in any form during your pregnancy to reap its amazing benefits. However, ensure that you are not consuming the artificial lemon flavored sodas or packaged drinks. Squeeze a fresh lime for making the juice, or lemon water or your salad’s dressing and have it. It will not impact your health in any negative manner.

Nutritional Value Of Lemon or Lime

Apart from being a naturally rich source of Vitamin C, Lime also provides many vital minerals including phosphorous, potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium.

It also offers many other vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, B5, B2, B1 and Vitamin A. All these vitamins are highly supportive in the normal growth, nourishment, and upkeep of the fetus.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, and thus, protects both, the baby and the mother from the oxidative damage.

Health Benefits Of Lime Juice For Pregnant Women

1. Strengthens The Bones Of The Baby

The high concentration of potassium in the lime juice is very beneficial for the baby’s growth. The potassium helps in building stronger bones while supporting the development of nerve and brain cells.

2. Controls The Morning Sickness and Nausea

Nausea and morning sickness are among the biggest concerns of the pregnant women, especially during the first trimester.

Lemon or lime juice in a warm glass of water can significantly help in reducing nausea, morning sickness, loss of appetite, vomitings and constipation in pregnant women.

3. Reduces The Swelling Of Feet

Another common problem encountered by many women during pregnancy is the “edema” or “swollen feet” which make them feel a lot of discomforts.

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Lime juice can be extremely beneficial in eliminating this problem and making it easier for pregnant ladies to walk. If you mix the lime juice with bitter gourd juice and drink it during pregnancy, you can get rid of swelling in feet quite effectively.

4. Controls The Blood Pressure

Fluctuations in the blood pressure are also one of the most common health issues experienced by the pregnant women. Sometimes, the blood pressure increases so much that one needs medical attention to control it.

But, lemon or lime juice can be quite helpful in regulating the blood pressure and keeping the blood vessels soft. The lime juice effectively lowers the increased blood pressure.

Consuming lime juice twice or thrice a week will help in normalizing the blood pressure.

5. Improves Digestion and Cures Constipation

Some of the health problems which come with pregnancy include indigestion and constipation. Lime juice is a natural liver stimulant and thus, it effectively controls the irritable bowel movements while aiding the digestion.

Regular consumption of the lime juice improves the digestion and makes the bowel movements easier. Lime juice is also a good source of dietary fiber and thus, it supports digestion.

6. Boosts Immunity

The antioxidants present in the lime juice destructs the free radicals present in the body, thereby, boosting the immunity. The Vitamin C present in the lime fights the various infections.

Also, if you are having runny nose or phlegm, lemon juice in warm water can be quite effective in thinning the mucus and providing relief from the runny or blocked nose.

The diuretic properties of lemon help in flushing out the antigens and toxins from the body while preventing different types of urino-genital infections which pregnant women are highly prone to.

7. Eases The Labor and The Childbirth

The composition of the lime juice and honey can ease the labor and make it easier for you to deliver the baby.

Drinking this concoction after the completion of the first trimester is considered to be quite effective in easing the labor. While there is no medical proof to support it, but, it’s a wisdom which has been passed on from generations.

8. Enhances The Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C is one of the most vital nutrients required by pregnant women to support the development of the baby as well as to take care of their overall well-being.

Lime is a rich source of Vitamin C and can satisfy the requirement without the additional supplements.

9. Prevents Heat Strokes

The women who are pregnant are at a risk of heat stroke, majorly due to the “hormonal influx” in the body.

Lime juice not only hydrates you but also protects you from the danger of “heat stroke” by regulating the body’s temperature. Limes are quite effective in bringing down the body heat during pregnancy.

Also, if you consume lime water, you can enhance the water intake of the body which is also beneficial for pregnant ladies.

As there are so many health benefits of lemon juice during pregnancy, you must not restrict yourself from taking it.

If you have the habit of consuming it regularly, you can also have the lemon and honey during pregnancy whenever you crave for it. Taking lemon or lime juice once or twice a day in moderation will only be beneficial for you and your baby.

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