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6 Best Hair Straightener You Can Buy In 2018 – Flat Iron Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Hair Straightener You Can Buy In 2018 - Flat Iron Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Who does not want a stylish looking hairstyle and one of the best ways to style the hair is by making them straight. Not everyone is naturally blessed with straight and silky hair and that’s why, we need the best flat irons to make our hair look straight, stylish and gorgeous.

Most often, the hair stylists and experts warn us about the consequences that heat can have on our hair and this is why a lot of girls and women refrain from using heat oriented hair straighteners. While it is completely true that heat can damage the hair but technology has advanced significantly. These days you can find some of the best professional ceramic flat irons which do not cause much damage to the hair.

Here, we are going to list the best hair straightener 2018 contenders and the best ones in this category of hair accessories. If you are planning to buy a flat iron/hair straightener in the coming days, this consumer guide flat irons would be immensely helpful for you.

What Should You Know Before Using A hair Straightener On Your Hair?

We all know that heat is bad for our hair and still, we use many types of heat treatments for the hair like straightening, curling, blow drying etc. Whenever it’s possible, try to dry your hair without heat.

While heat can damage the hair, but, if used smartly, the damage can be minimized.

Here are a few tips for using hair straighteners to tame your curly and wavy tresses and make them straight for a short while.

  • Never ever set the heat higher than 365o For those, who don’t have too curly or wavy hair, the temperature can be set between 300 – 365.
  • Use a heat protectant on your hair before using the straightener to minimize the damage.
  • Never use a serum on your hair before straightening them as this will cause huge damage.
  • Using too low heat can cause more harm than to your hair. Since you are using low heat, your hair would be in contact with the heat for more time, which will cause more damage to the hair.

Types Of Hair Straighteners

Primarily, there are three types of hair straighteners available on the market. So, before you purchase one for styling your hair, it’s important to understand the difference between the types of flat irons.

Ceramic Hair Straightener

The ceramic straighteners are the best ones because they evenly distribute the heat and cause minimal damage to the hair. However, there are many straighteners available in the market, which only have a ceramic coating and the plates are not made entirely of ceramic material. The coating can chip off and result in snagging. This is why buy the ones whose plates are entirely made of ceramic.

Titanium Iron Hair Straightener

The titanium iron straighteners heat up quite quickly and deliver faster results. This is one of the most expensive straighteners and people with very curly hair should invest in it.

Tourmaline Plates Hair Straightener

These plates are ideal for the damaged hair and are sometimes also referred as “Ionic Plates”. By producing more negative ions, these help in controlling the damage and reducing the frizz in the hair.

Top Hair Straighteners In 2018

1. Kipozi Professional Hair Straightener

Kipozi Professional Hair Straightener

Indeed, it is one of the best flat irons you will find in the market today and the biggest reason behind its popularity is that it has been powered by a unique technology.


Its plates are made from the “Nano-Titanium” which evenly spread the heat and results in smooth as well as silky hair. The nano-titanium make this hair straightener safe for hair as it minimizes the hair damage due to heat.

The outside layers of the hair don’t get burnt and the hair doesn’t become frizzy.


  • When compared with the features, the price seems to be quite attractive
  • The nano-titanium plates protect the hair from getting damaged
  • Smart safety temperature fall down and auto shut off
  • 3600 degree swivel design with multiple power voltage options


  • The temperature of the nano-titanium plates can go very high

Price: $35.06

Buy it from Amazon

2. Infiniti Pro By Conair

Infiniti Pro By Conair

This is one of the most easy-to-use and lightweight flat iron. If you have damaged hair, it can be one of the best flat irons for you. It not only smoothens your hair but also reduces the frizz from the hair.

One of the problems that people often encounter with this hair straightener is that it does not show the temperature and one can only choose from the temperature setting levels given on it temperature wheel.


  • Heats up very fast
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Rounded edge plates for even distribution of high heat and pressure as per the hair type
  • 30 heat settings and auto-off


  • You cannot check the actual temperature and can sometimes overheat it
  • The body of hair straightener also gets heated up with the plates

Price: $32.97

Buy it from Amazon

3. Croc Classic Nano

Croc Classic Nano

With an unusual shape, the Croc Classic Nano is one of the best hair straighteners if you are looking forward to tame your heavily curly hair. Equipped with the nano-silver technology, this hair straightener can effectively cleanse the hair.

The hair straightener releases a large amount of infrared heat, which offers effective straightening without affecting the hair with any toxins.


The Croc Classic Nano possesses titanium plates which release the far-infrared heat and thus, it gives you shiny and smooth hair. Also, the size of the plates is wider than usual and that’s why it is very effective in straightening the most frizzy, wavy and curly hair.


  • It’s a futuristic hair conditioning straightener with dual voltage power settings
  • Dual plate technology and large amount of far-infrared heat
  • Fast heat up and even distribution of heat
  • 18 custom temperature settings represented through a fully digital display
  • Temperature can be set from 280 F – 450F
  • Ideal for thick hair


  • High price

Price: $169.99

Buy it from Amazon

4. Chi Air Expert

Chi Air Expert

With an excellent reputation in the market, the Chi Air Expert is one of the best hair straighteners for all types of hair ranging from thin damaged hair to thick curly hair. While there is no LCD display, but, you can set up your desired settings with the help of a wheel based control with an indicator light.


The Chi Air Expert possesses ceramic plates, which, though, don’t go very high when it comes to temperature, but, their high quality ceramic iron gives you exactly what is required without cranking up the heat.

The plates evenly distribute the heat for desired results.


  • High quality ceramic plates
  • Easy to use and set up required temperature settings
  • Even distribution of heat due to which it gives amazing results without very high temperature
  • There are many color options to choose from


  • The price is not one of the cheapest in the market
  • The life of the product is not very long (12 – 18 months)

Price: $140.00

Buy it from Amazon

5. HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Ideal for damaged hair, this is one of the best flat irons you can purchase in 2018. It is extremely gentle on hair and can even straighten the curliest hair easily. It gives you beautiful and gorgeous hair without much of an effort.

It comes with a travel bag and is quite affordable.


The HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron has a tourmaline covered ceramic plates which protect the hair from any further damage while giving you silky & smooth hair.

The ionic potency of the plates of this flat iron helps in eliminating frizz from the hair.


  • A lot of other accessories are provided with the flat iron
  • Adaptable to different voltages and thus, is great to carry along when you are traveling
  • Digital LCD temperature control
  • Advanced infrared heat technology
  • Good for damaged hair
  • Prevents frizz in the hair


  • There are several hot spots on the tourmaline covered plates
  • There is no auto shut-off

Price: $77.99

Buy it from Amazon

6. Remington S9600 Shine Therapy

Remington S9600 Shine Therapy

The Remington Shine Therapy claims to be one of the best hair straighteners that not only protect your hair from heat but also nourish them. If you want healthy hair and want to overcome the problems like hair fall, it seems to present an ideal solution for it.

It offers a digital display and there’s an option, facilitating “temperature lock”. The best part is that it has a long lifeline of approx 4 years.


The advanced ceramic plates of this astounding flat iron are infused with avocado and hair conditioner, due to your hair due to hear, which becomes extremely shiny and glossy after use.

The plates are set in a floating manner to give maximum and constant hair contact.


  • Ceramic plates with infused hair conditioner and vitamins vital for hair
  • Adjustable temperature with temperature lock feature
  • Long lifeline
  • Easy to use
  • Nourishes the hair while protecting them from getting damaged due to heat
  • Handy hinge lock
  • Auto shut off option


  • Price is a bit on the higher side

Price: $37.99

Buy it from Amazon

From the above-mentioned list, you can easily find the best hair straightener for curly hair and the best cheap hair straightener if you are looking for the economic alternative for straightening your hair.

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