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Best Pregnancy Pillows 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Pregnancy Pillows Buying Guide

Pregnancy is often the most awaited yet one of the difficult phases of life. A woman experiences several physical and emotional changes in her body that it becomes so stressful to manage all these.

One of the biggest change during the pregnancy is the ever-increasing size of the belly, which prevents the expecting mothers from sleeping comfortably. But, one can manage it effectively by investing in one of best pregnancy pillows that offer immense comfort during sleep.

A cozy pregnancy & maternity body pillow can make it much easier for you to sleep through the night and get apt rest. These pillows don’t let you sleep inappropriately and ensure that the baby in the uterus gets an optimum supply of blood.

During pregnancy, if you sleep on your back, it affects the supply of oxygen as well as blood to the baby, and if you sleep on your tummy, it’s not only uncomfortable but also dangerous for the baby. A pregnancy pillow with a hole for stomach allows you to sleep comfortably without affecting your baby in any manner.

The health experts recommend that pregnant women must sleep on their side to maintain an active blood supply for the baby, and this can be achieved with the help of a pregnancy pillow.

The Need For Pregnancy Pillow

Many people believe that a pregnancy pillow is a luxury that women are enjoying these days, but, the truth is that a pregnancy pillow is one of the utmost requisites of a pregnant woman.

There are a plethora of benefits of using a pregnancy pillow, including:

  • These pillows provide the right support needed by the baby bump, legs, neck, and the body.
  • These pillows allow the pregnant women to sleep in the half-fetal position which is the best position for the mothers-would-be.
  • A pregnancy pillow stops you from turning and tossing all night long while avoiding the pressure and stress on the baby bump
  • It helps the pregnant women to sleep on their side which enhances the blood circulation to the baby
  • A pregnancy pillow can also be used after birth while nursing the baby and to stop the baby from rolling over.

Best Pregnancy Pillows 2018

Here is a list of the best pregnancy pillows of 2018, and you can choose any of these depending on how you prefer to sleep and in what position you feel comfortable while sleeping.

1. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
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The PharMeDoc body pillow is a C-shaped 7 pounds pillow that helps in preventing the problems like a sore neck, shoulder aches, and back pain during the pregnancy.

Being the full body pillow, it provides excellent support the baby bump as well as the whole body right from head to toe. As it comes with zippered cover, it’s easy to wash the cover as it gets dirty and keep your pillow clean.

This pillow has been made using the soft cotton fabric, which makes it exceedingly comfortable to use. Also, it’s free of phthalates, lead and BPA and the other materials which can be toxic for you.

  • Unique and comfortable shape
  • Full body pillow for greater support
  • Made from “cotton” which is a breathable material
  • Easy to Clean
  • Not very fluffy, this pillow is a bit flat
  • The support offered by the pillow is minimal due to its flat structure

2. Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow
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It’s a C-Shaped, light weight pregnancy pillow which is extremely popular among the pregnant women. Being a large and full body pillow, it provides complete support from head to toe.

With its comfortable shape, it helps in improving your quality of sleep and enables you to sleep uninterruptedly while providing robust support to tummy, hips, and back.

Made from 100% polyester fiber, it is a versatile pillow to use during pregnancy and after it for nursing the baby. The cover of the pillow is made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, and it’s easy to take it off for washing.

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Overall, its an extremely comfortable and useful pillow which can be used for complete body and baby bump support while sleeping.

  • Replaces multiple pillows while providing complete support throughout the night
  • Designed by a Registered Nurse and Mom for providing comfort to pregnant women
  • Sham-style removable and machine washable cover
  • Phthalate, Latex, Lead and BPA Free
  • Some women consider it too firm
  • Thick for some people

3. Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow
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It’s a unique J-Shaped, 6-pound pillow which can provide you relief from the excruciating pain in the belly, hips, and back, which is quite common during pregnancy.

Whether you like to sleep on back or on the sides, this J-shaped pillow assures complete support to the baby bump and the rest of the body. It ensures that you do not spend your whole night in tossing and turning on the bed and get a sound sleep.

This pillow comes equipped with a machine-washable detachable cover which can be cleaned as soon as it becomes dirty.

If you like to sleep with the big pillow, you would love this one.

  • Large sized pillow which provides a full-body solution for pregnant women
  • Helps in preventing lower back pain, and sciatica
  • Unique design to provide support from head to toe
  • Some women find it too fluffy
  • Holds the heat

4. Junior Size – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Junior Size - Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow
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A soft, unique U-shaped pillow that offers outstanding support to the body from the front as well as the back side.

Regardless of how you prefer to sleep, this pillow will provide complete support from head to toe, and especially to the baby bump.

Made with the highest quality material and soft filling, its an extremely comfortable pillow and can withstand the long-term use.

This pillow can also be used after pregnancy for nursing, and to stop the baby from rolling over. Also, the people with special needs like the ones suffering from cerebral palsy, this pillow offers excellent support.

  • Offers excellent support for the full body
  • Highly durable
  • Made from breathable fabric
  • Unique U shaped design
  • 100% polyester filling
  • This pillow doesn’t include the cover
  • The fillings in the pillow can bulge

5. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow
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With its unique U shaped design, this pillow supports both, belly and back during the pregnancy while helping you get a sound sleep without any interruptions. This pillow eliminates the need for using the different pillows while sleeping for cradling the different body parts.

Apart from providing the support to the body, it also reduces carpal tunnel, sciatica, nasal congestion, and heartburn.

Made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this pillow also comes with a cover. The natural and high-quality fibers of the pillow, make it outstanding for those who frequently get allergic reactions.

  • Provides complete support to both belly and back simultaneously
  • The unique inner hourglass shape snugs and supports the entire body
  • Helps in aligning the hips for neutral joint positioning
  • Needs no repositioning during the night
  • Some women consider it heavy and bulky to use
  • Its 7 pounds in weight


So, here’s the list of best pregnancy pillows 2018 for you from which you can choose the best. All these pillows offer maximum comfort and have been tested for pregnancy.

You can use any of these pillows as per your sleeping style and enjoy a comfortable sleep even during the pregnancy.

Whether you are a back sleeper or like to sleep on your tummy, you will easily find the best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers as well as for others.

So, if you are pregnant and are struggling with your sleep, then don’t waste any time and order one of these pillows online today!!

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