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12 Home Remedies For Abortion To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies

Home Remedies For Abortion

Pregnancy can be a boon, but, only when you are ready to become a parent. The unwanted pregnancies often make you question that should you go for a medical abortion and whether it will have any side effects. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, do not worry, as you can try the safe home based natural abortion tips that can help you get rid of an undesired pregnancy with ease and without medical intervention.

There are many factors which a woman has to take into consideration before getting pregnant. But, sometimes an unwanted pregnancy happens, leaving you in a dilemma that whether you should keep it or go for an abortion.

Most women fear that if they go for an abortion, they might have to bear serious side effects in future. But, to your relief, there are some ways for natural abortion, that don’t impact your reproductive system and have any side effects.

There are many home remedies for abortion, which can be tried in the early days of a pregnancy to eliminate it and remove pregnancy without medicine.

What is Natural Abortion?

The natural or self-induced abortion is an activity to miscarry or abort the foetus without any medical treatment or abortive pills. In this, the body is naturally made to miscarry the foetus.

The use of natural and common kitchen ingredients make it extremely safe, and free from any harmful side effects which the abortive pills may induce.

This is one of the best ways to avoid the unwanted pregnancies, and the best part is that you can do it on your own. An assistance of another person isn’t required.

But, before you try the home remedies for miscarriage, ensure that you are pregnant. Check for the common signs of pregnancy and take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Home Remedies for Abortion

1. Papaya


Eating papaya is an age-old home remedy for terminating the pregnancy. While the green or raw papaya is most effective, but, if it’s unavailable, one can also use the ripe papaya.

The phytochemicals present in the papaya are rich in contraceptive properties and can inhibit the progesterone activity in the body.

Papaya is also rich in prostaglandin and oxytocin, which boost the labour contractions, and this is why, if you want to retain the pregnancy, eating papaya must be avoided.

How To Use

  • If you have raw papaya, you can eat it as a salad or have its juice two – three times a day till you get the desired results.
  • If you have ripe papaya, eat 3 – 4 bowls of papaya through the day or have two – three glasses of papaya juice every day until you get the desired results.


2. Pineapples


Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C and “Bromelain”, which is a proteolytic enzyme known to cause miscarriages.

Bromelain causes the cervix to soften up and leads to miscarriage. Moreover, using pineapple for abortion does not have any side effects.

How To Use

  • Eat one or two bowls of pineapple through the day or have one or two glasses of pineapple juice every day until you get the desired results.


3. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are known to cause miscarriage naturally.  By simply consuming the sesame seeds, one can induce natural abortion without any side effects.

How To Use

  • Take a handful of the sesame seeds and soak them in water overnight. Drink this water in the morning.
  • Or, you can take a large teaspoon of sesame seeds. Mix them with one teaspoon of honey, and consume it.
  • Continue doing it for a few days till the time you get the required results.


4. Hot Showers

Hot Showers

The hot showers are also among the best home remedies for abortion. You can enhance the effect of the other home remedies that you are trying for abortion with the hot showers.

The hot showers are also one of the best ways to get relief from menstrual cramps.

How To Use

  • Take a shower with hot water, and let the water fall around the stomach area for a few minutes.


5. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

The evening primrose oil is known to induce abortion, and thus, its one of the safest home remedies to follow.

How To Use

  • Massage sufficient amount of the organic evening primrose oil on the cervix to get the desired results.
  • The evening primrose oil can also be consumed in the form of a pill, but, you must consult your doctor/gynaecologist before doing it.


6. Angelica


Angelica, also known as Angelica Sinensis, Dong Quai, Chinese Angelica, Dang Gui, or Tang Kuei is a herb which is known to activate the contractions as well as the monthly periods of a woman.

Also, Angelica Sinensis is rich in the essential oils which relax the uterus.

How To Use

  • Mix one pinch of Angelica Sinensis powder with a cup of warm water and drink it. Take it four times a day.
  • Neither the fresh roots of the Angelica Sinensis or its essential oil should be ingested, as they have serious side effects.


7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which is also known as an ascorbic acid when consumed in high doses can encourage the production of estrogen, and inhibit the progesterone production in the body.

As the production of the progesterone lowers down, the body is not able to fix the egg to the uterus wall, and the increase in estrogen level results in menstruation. This way, the excess Vitamin C can create an imbalance of hormones in the body, leading to the abortion.

Ideally, one needs about 10 to 12 grams of vitamin  C daily for bleeding to start, but, this requirement may vary from woman to woman.

In most of the cases, the bleeding starts within 3 – 4 days, when you are consuming the above-mentioned dose of Vitamin C, but, if it does not start within 6 days, you must consult your physician.

How To Use

  • Take the supplements of Vitamin C to derive 10 – 12 grams of Vitamin C daily, but, ensure that you take pure ascorbic acid, and not the bioflavonoids or rose hips.
  • You can also consume citrus fruits and Vitamin C rich foods, but, you may have to eat a lot of them in order to get the specified amount of this vital vitamin.


8. Parsley Leaves

Parsley Leaves

Parsley leaves are one of the most effective remedies for the natural miscarriage. The parsley leaves help in the successful abortion in the first stage of the pregnancy.

Parsley leaves help in loosening the cervix and contraction of the uterus walls and hence, cause miscarriage. There are multiple ways in which you can use the parsley leaves.

How To Use

  • You can make parsley tea by boiling one tablespoon of the dried parsley or a handful fresh parsley leaves with one glass of water. Let them steep for about 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the tea and have it 3 – 4 times a day.
  • Parsley juice can also be consumed. Take a handful of the parsley leaves, and blend them with some water in a blender. Consume this juice 2 – 3 times a day.
  • Or, you can take a few sprigs of thoroughly cleaned parsley, and place them in your vagina overnight. For the best results, change these for 3 – 4 times a day.


9. Aspirin


Aspirin not only helps in maintaining the regularity in the periods but also helps in terminating an unwanted pregnancy in the early months.

How To Use

  • Take 5 – 6 tablets of aspirin, and consume them with water at a time. Repeat it 2 – 3 times a day.
  • If you follow other home remedies like parsley, ginger, cinnamon, pineapple juice, papaya, etc. with aspirin, you will get the desired results much faster.
  • Also, as you are required to take as many as 20 pills a day, you must consult your doctor before using this remedy for abortion to avoid any potential side effects.


10. Pennyroyal


Pennyroyal is also known with the biological names like Hedeoma pulegioides and mentha pulegium. The other common names for this herb are mosquito plant, squaw mint and American pennyroyal tickseed.

The pennyroyal drops are one of the most effective and medicinally tested natural remedies for miscarriage. The consumption of this herb makes the uterus impatient, and thus, uterine contractions are induced.

How To Use

  • Take pennyroyal capsules or pills, and consume 3 – 6 pills a day.
  • You can also buy the pennyroyal oil or solution, and consume it daily, but avoid overdose.
  • Don’t take the pennyroyal essential oil internally or ingest it, as it can be very fatal. Also, the women who suffer from the urinary disorders must completely avoid this herb.


11. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

The overdoses of the chamomile tea can result in abortion in the early days of the pregnancy.

How To Use

  • Take 2 – 3 teaspoons of the dried chamomile, or a chamomile tea bag in a cup and pour boiling hot water in it. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes, and then strain it.
  • Take this tea 2 – 3 times a day to get the desired results.


12. Heavy Exercises

Heavy Exercises

Heavy and strenuous exercises are known to put significant pressure on the abdomen and pelvis region, leading to miscarriage.

Indulge in longer workouts and persistent strength training to induce uterine contractions.

How To Use

  • Indulge in rigorous exercises like climbing stairs (a lot of them), train on elliptical trainer, perform strength training and abdominal exercises etc. for longer hours once or twice a day, daily till you achieve the desired results.


Side Effects Involved In Abortion

While it is the best way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, but, there are some risks always involved with abortion. These may include damage to the cervix, perforation of the uterus, heavy or persistent bleeding, damage to other organs, scarring of the uterine lining, the rise in body temperature, severe abdominal and back pain, sepsis or infection, and foul smelling discharge.

It’s not necessary that all the abortions are accompanied by these symptoms, but, a few women encounter some of these side effects.


Precautions Which You Must Take Before Using These Home Remedies For Abortion

Now that you know that how to have an abortion at home safely, you must not mix these home remedies with abortive medications. These home remedies take a little time to deliver the desired results.

You may not be able to see the results immediately like the medications, which are often accompanied by serious side effects. It may take as long as 20 days to get fruitful results from these home-based methods. However, if you are not getting the desired results even after 20 days, you must consult your doctor and opt for a medical abortion to avoid any complications.

If you are very apprehensive and have some medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart issues, etc., then you must consult your gynaecologist before trying these self-abortion methods.

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