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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Going to the Gym

Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Everyone wants a flat stomach, but, most of us wonder how to reduce belly fat?

The belly fat is often considered as the most difficult to lose because no matter how much exercise or fat diets you do, it simply does not go away. Some people even consider it almost impossible to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

The worst thing about the belly fat is that it stops you from wearing a lot of outfits that you want to wear. But, there is something even worse. If you don’t find “how to lose stomach fat fast at home”, then this white fat starts expanding in your abdomen, nestles deep in your organs and sets you up for several serious health troubles.

The tummy fat is known as “visceral fat” makes the body release the stress hormones as well as the cytokines, the inflammatory substances which can badly affect the insulin production in the body.

Many other health troubles and ailments arise due to the belly fat. But, the good news is that by making a few lifestyle changes and adopting some effective remedies, you can get rid of this fat.

The home remedies for a flat stomach fast work effectively in reducing the belly fat. These remedies to accelerate your metabolism and make you burn more calories. As a result, the belly fat starts disappearing gradually.

How Belly Fat Can Affect Your Health?

Belly fat, also known as abdominal obesity can be quite dangerous for your health. This fat is known as “Visceral Fat” because it acquires up the spaces around and between the viscera. The viscera are the internal organs like the intestines and stomach.

The abdominal fat starts producing toxins in the body which affect the normal functioning of the body organs. Among the toxic chemicals produced by the abdominal fat are the “cytokines”, which increase the risk of heart diseases, decrease the body’s sensitivity towards insulin and boost the chances of acquiring Type II Diabetes.

Cytokines are also known to cause inflammation, which may lead to many types of cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

For women, a waist measuring 35 inches or more is a matter of concern while for men, the waist should not exceed 40 inches in diameter otherwise they are suffering from abdominal or belly fat.

6 Proven Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

1. Keep Moving

One of the proven, effective and scientific ways to reduce the belly fat is to keep moving. Unlike the fat accumulated in other areas of the body, the belly fat will not go easily if you spend one hour in the gym and stay inactive for the rest of the day.

Gymming is good and it can help you strengthen your muscles while losing the fat, but, for reducing the belly fat, you need to keep moving. Whether you are walking, dancing, running, jogging, or simply jumping, but you need to indulge in aerobic exercises.

Vaporizing calories by running, walking, brisk walking, etc. is more effective as compared to resistance training when you want to get rid of the belly fat.

When you move, you not only consume calories but also accelerate your metabolism, which will keep up burning the calories at a faster pace than normal throughout the day.

So, the key to lose belly fat is to stay active and moving during the day. Even when you are at the office, take a walk for 10 minutes every one and half hour, and indulge in jogging or dancing for about half an hour every day.

2. Stop Eating Foods Containing Trans Fat

When you are trying to reduce the belly fat, it makes no sense to eat foods which are rich in fat, especially the trans fat.

The trans fats are created when hydrogen is pumped into the unsaturated fats like soyabean oil. A lot of packaged foods like chips, wafers, margarine and other spreads are known to have trans fats.

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These fats are often linked by the health experts with abdominal fat gain, insulin resistance, heart diseases and inflammation.

So, when you are trying to lose belly fat, completely avoid the food products which possess trans fats. Read the food labels carefully, and if it is not specifically mentioned that the food items don’t contain any trans fat, do not eat it.

3. Completely Avoid Sugary Drinks and Colas

Most of the packaged drinks like colas, juices, and even sports drinks contain loads of sugar, which can be quite bad for your health as well as body fat.

These drinks can make you consume hundreds of calories in one go, and when consumed right after food, they can result in blood sugar spikes.

So, if your aim is to lose inches from your belly area, do not consume any packaged or sugary drink. Instead of these drinks, prefer fresh and natural coconut water or fresh fruit juices.

4. Make Protein Your Best Friend

One of the macro nutrients which you need the most to burn your belly fat is protein. It is very important to become slimmer and lose fat from the tummy area.

As we age and cross the mark of 25 years, our metabolism slows down and our body starts producing more insulin because our muscles and fat cells stop responding to insulin properly.

This excess insulin promotes the fat storage in the body and especially around the belly area.

Protein strengthens the muscles and is one of the basic building blocks of cells in our body. So, if you want to lose fat faster, 30% of your overall diet must be comprised of protein. You can the protein from its natural sources and can also take whey protein. It can be mixed in the shakes and smoothies.

5. Sleep Well

It may sound a bit odd when we are talking about how to lose fat from the belly area, but it’s completely true.

When you don’t get enough sleep at night or are not able to sleep continuously for 6 – 7 hours, you can gain up to 9 pounds a week.

When you don’t sleep properly, your body starts producing the stress hormone which dramatically decreases the rate at which your body burns calories.

You just don’t need to sleep for 7 – 8 hours every night, but you must get good quality sleep during this time. If you are not able to fall asleep or are struggling with staying asleep, you must resolve the issue and insomnia to ensure that you don’t put on a lot of weight around your belly area.

6. Start Consuming fat Burning Smoothies

One of the best and easiest ways to lose the stubborn belly fat is to consume the fat burning smoothies and infused waters.

These combine an ideal set of ingredients which effectively work on cutting down the calories. This is one of the easiest ways.

There are many food combinations, which, when consumed with each other can cut down the fat and accelerate the metabolism.

So, start consuming the fat burning smoothies twice a day to lose the fat from your belly area.

With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, one can reduce tummy fat naturally without affecting the health. The fad diets can also help you reduce the fat, but, they only yield temporary results and also reduce the intake of many essential nutrients because you eat less while dieting.

These home remedies to reduce tummy in a week are very effective, and though, you might not get a completely flat stomach in a week, but, you will certainly notice the difference in the week.

Once you start noticing the inches getting lost from the belly, they will motivate you to continue your effort. All the remedies and methodologies mentioned above are tested and yield definitive results.

So, start burning your belly fat from today and get ready to wear your favorite dress on an upcoming occasion.

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  1. Great tips, it’s increasely necessary to adhere to workouts and diets. People lifestyles are changing to that lazy-watching-tv sort of thing. And fast food getting cheaper. People should be aware of what it can do to them…..not just for looking good but health is on the line too. Yes there’s Type 2 diabetes and even more to it….cancers, deformation …In a few words, BELLY FAT IS LETHAL…it causes too many complications for the body to handle….you can check more of the health risks caused by belly fat in my last blog post….it’s just LETHAL.
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