Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections is the responsible course of action if you are sexually active. Not only can regular testing protect your partners, but it also allows you to get treatment for sexually transmitted infections before they become serious. However, many people do not like going to a clinic or doctor to get tested. Using an STD home testing kit is an alternative way of getting tested.

1. Convenient

One reason why people don't go to a doctor or clinic for STD testing is that they simply don't have time. Between work and family commitments, finding the time to travel to the nearest clinic and attend an appointment can be tough. Getting a kit delivered to your home and doing the test at your own convenience is much easier to fit into a busy schedule.

2. Comfortable

Most people prefer to carry out their own swabs in the comfort of their own home. Compared to going to a clinic or doctor and taking your clothes off in front of a stranger, using an STD home testing kit is a much more comfortable option, suitable even for those who struggle with medical phobias. Avoid anxiety or embarrassment by ordering a kit today.

3. Accurate

If you follow the instructions, an STD home testing kit can give results that are just as accurate as those you could get from a clinic. You can find out if you have any infections so you can get them treated, or reassure a partner that you cannot pass any STDs onto them. All home testing kits offer a high level of accuracy, which means that you can trust the results that you get. If there are any problems with your sample, the testing service will let you know.

4. Private

Privacy concerns are obviously important when you are testing for STDs. Doctors are of course not allowed to reveal any private information that you give to them, but many people worry about the possibility of running into a friend or acquaintance at the clinic or in the GP's waiting room. When you use a home test kit, there is no chance of this scenario arising. The kid is delivered to your home in a plain packet and all results are sent to you using private communications. Your STD status remains completely private at all times unless you choose to share the information with your doctor or sexual partner.